Established in 1992, ALMA ROSES has been providing customers with high quality roses and spray roses, together with personalized customer service. We are highly committed to the wellbeing of our collaborators and to the care of the environment. 

We are located in Tabacundo, Ecuador. We produce 20 hectares of roses and garden roses with 59 varieties; and 6 hectares of spray roses and garden spray roses with 49 varieties. We also produce Tinted and Painted roses in a wide range of colors and combinations. 

Our product excellence guarantee is matched by our strict production, environmental, and labor policies. This commitment is evidenced by our Rainforest Alliance, Flor Ecuador, and BASC certifications. 

Our quality and commitment have allowed us to always be at the forefront in our industry, to distribute our product globally, to share our passion for growing roses, and to share the essence of soul in every one of our flowers.  


Our product excellence is guaranteed by our certifications.






Is highly committed to the wellbeing of our employees. We provide a range of benefits to our collaborators in order to provide a dignified work place and a good life quality. Additionally, we have developed programs in Occupational Health to maintain the physical, mental, and social well-being of our employees.

Alma Roses has an on-site first aid medical station. The infirmary is directed by a trained medical professional specialized in the field of Occupational Health. Alma Roses has a full service dining hall where all our collaborators receive a balanced diet prepared daily at the farm. Alma Roses also provides transportation for all our collaborators from their houses to the work place. 

Alma Roses has developed programs focusing on primary health care and work hygiene. These programs encompass five main areas:

Preventive Medicine
Occupational Health
Safety and Health at work
Motivation and Recreation
Drugs and Alcohol Prevention Program